Saturday, June 22, 2013

40 weeks + 6 days Pregnant

Tomorrow marks 41 weeks! Yikes! So here's the update so far. I had a midwife appointment yesterday. Here's the stats:
Weight: +.5lbs, total of +44lbs for the pregnancy! UGH! oh well...
Blood pressure was a bit higher for me, I typically have near perfect blood pressure. 130/88
Fundal Height: 44cm--pretty consistent with my measurements lately
Fetal Heart rate: 120bpm
Fetal position: ROA
Cervical check: .5cm dilated, 80% effaced.

If she could have gotten through my cervix, she would have done a stretch and sweep for me, but I wasn't quite open enough. She told me not to expect to go into labor that day (fri) or saturday.

So from the exam, I had a bit of spotting, which I know is normal. But this morning, Scott and I were going to help get things moving (wink, wink) but I had to pee first (of course) and when I went, I noticed I still had a bit of spotting--which had pretty much stopped last night around 10:30pm--and when I went to flush, I noticed something in the toilet. I am 99% sure it was some of my mucus plug! Heck Yes!! FINALLY! I feel like something is happening!! So Scott came to see it, and was grossed we didn't have sex lol, but that's alright. I'm enjoying this little moment I'm having :) My back is crampy, but it seems more constant, than in any pattern, so I'm not sure what that means, if anything. My sleep could be contributing to it as well, I feel like I have two positions to sleep in, comfy for ten minutes,  and GOD if i could only sleep on my belly!! I wake up sore as all get out and my body hates me! At least my calves are feeling better after all that curb walking. It felt like I had done 8,000 stairs!!

So since Wednesday night, when everything came to a haulting stop, I have decided to stop timing, stop thinking, and start enjoying the last few days I have alone. I'm not saying I'm not anxious for him to be here, but I've totally stopped focusing on it. It's easier emotionally not to get my hopes up every time. I dont like to get depressed when nothing is happening, its not fun for anyone. Wednesday afternoon Scott and I went to a local burger/ice cream place and enjoyed a walk around the mill ponds, and Thursday we went to our local honey farm and bought a gallon of honey. I love the drive out to these places, country roads with the windows down and fresh air blowing in! I have also been working on some sewing projects for Liam.

 I would definitely recommend that when you are getting to that point of being depressed when labor isn't happening, you forget about it. I realize how hard it is, but honestly, it is a heck of a lot easier to distract yourself with fun things, than to be mopey all day long! Besides, you wont miss labor. It will definitely get your attention. Enjoy that last few days of a family of two, three, or whatever. Get out of the house, turn off your phone, dont check facebook. Everyone wants to know how you are feeling, but they dont understand that it is even more difficult when they are in you face, even if they mean well. I hope this helps someone. It sure as hell has helped me cope with the last few days. On my list for today: finish the dishes, vacuum, laundry, make curtain for Liam's bedroom, and take a walk. I'm sure I wont get all of these things done, but it would be an accomplishment to finish half of them. :) Enjoy your day!!


  1. I was at the hospital all night last night 1am-5am. Really bad contractions. But I wouldn't dilate past 3. Contractions were 1-5 minutes and soooooo painful but since my cervix wouldn't budge they sent me home. :(

    False alarm I guess, but that is so frustrating! ughh! i was in so much pain i was so sure that was it!

    1. Aww, I'm sorry you were sent home! That's so frustrating! Are you still contracting? I hope you're feeling ok! I cant wait to hear! Full moon tomorrow night too! :) Maybe the moon will send us into labor! We can have moon babies! :)