Thursday, July 18, 2013

Newborn Must Haves: Weeks 1-3

YAY for photo collages!! I love doing these--when I actually get the time! :) 

I have been so excited to get to do these "must-haves" and "favorites" posts!! So while little man is sleeping behind me on his playmat (#7) I figured now would be a great time!

1. I haven't braved the breastfeeding in public thing yet. I think it will be easier once Liam can hold his head up, and we are off the nipple shield. So I pump when I know we will be out longer than he can go without eating. We use the Breastflow bottles, which I absolutely love! They are more nipple/boob like and he takes his time drinking, which helps with his gas.

2. When we got home from the hospital and we had to keep Liam on the UV-blanket for his jaundice, we had to keep him comfy while it was wrapped around him 24-7. He slept in this Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, which has a kickstand to keep from rocking. When the kickstand is being used, it is almost like a mini-bassinet. So now, during his really fussy/gassy nights, he still sleeps in here where he is sitting up more. It is next to my side of the bed, where I can just reach over and comfort him without getting out of bed.

3. I cannot say enough about cloth diapering!!! We used disposables until his umbilical stump fell off since the cloth were a bit higher in the rise, and I was not about to buy any newborn cloth diapers. Right now our favorites include the Flip covers, Lotus Bumz pockets with hemp insert for overnight, and the Thirsties Duo Covers. With the disposables, we leaked out all.the.time! But since switching, we haven't had any leaks!! This really helps with his clothes laundry! 

4. Wellements Gripe Water! This really helps us at nighttime! Liam hates burping...I really think he holds them in on purpose...ok, maybe not. But seriously, this kid really doesn't burp well. And of course, he makes is discomfort known late at night. So, we have found that 2.0ml of this organic gripe water helps us make it through the night. Thank goodness!

5. I love my water!! Plus when you breastfeed, you have to keep up your fluid intake even more! The Contigo Fliptop Straw is of my all time favorite water bottles! I also enjoy using the gigantic cup I got from the hospital.

6. Medela Nipple Shield. One of the very unfortunate things I learned from my doula was I apparently have too small of nipples to easily breastfeed my son. Luckily they make these handy-dandy nipple shields. I use the contact version so there is as much skin to skin as we can get. They aren't the most convenient things, but it is more convenient than buying formula. Plus, they help shape my nipples along with the nipple shells I have just started using. So hopefully we will be able to eventually stop using both things all together!

7. I love the Infantino Jungle Buddies Playmat! We have a small house, and this mat is compact and can easily fold up. I like that I can have Liam hang out on his mat while I am doing other things around the house. He loves to look at the contrasting colors right now, plus it is easily washable if need be. 

8. I do pump when we go out for longer periods of time, as well as if I am feeling really "full". I found this Avent Manual Pump on clearance at Walmart (for 20 bucks!) and figured I buy it just to have on hand. Well, turns out I really love it! I think eventually I will have to get an electric, but I would love to stick to the Avent brand, super comfy--if that's possible for a breast pump. lol

9. I use these Green Mountain Prefold Diapers as both cloth diapers and burp rags. I love these! First off, I tried putting the diapers around Liam and securing with a snappi, but it turned out I didn't like it as much as must placing it tri-folded as an insert into the cover. Anyways, these are so absorbent and get even more so with every wash! I currently have 12 newborn size and 24 small size.

10. This is where Liam sleeps. We got the Evenflo "Gears" play yard. At first, we were using the changer that it comes with, but I found it too low, and it hurt my back. I like the feature, but I prefer our new set up. (old desk with changing pad in Liam's bedroom) We have him sleep with the bassinet part installed, so he is closer to the top and easier to reach. This may sound silly, but I did pick this pattern because it matched the red in our bedroom. :)

One more thing, that I forgot to put on the collage, we use the gumdrop pacifier. This was something we agreed never to use...and well...the first night home, Liam was screaming and we couldn't figure out why. Me, having terrible sleep for 3 days in the hospital and 4 days prior while in labor was desperate. worked like a charm! Now, I try not to use it unless he is really really fussy, usually just at night or if we are out in public. He doesn't wake wanting it, or keep it in his mouth consistently, so far at least...  Hopefully he wont become attached to it. I guess time will tell.


  1. I want to get Luke a play gym mat like #7 but Luke hasn't showed any interest in toys yet or interacting with objects. I've been reading that most babies start to grab and play with things at the 2nd-3rd month. Luke is a week shy of being 1 month so I think I have a little ways to go :(

    1. Liam doesn't try to grab the toys yet, but he does look at the colors and there are high contrast designs on the hanging animals, so he likes to look at those. Plus it's nice to be able to put him down somewhere that's interesting for him to hang out in while he is awake.