Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meal Plan 8/25/12-8/31/12

I pulled two meals from last week into this week because we simply had so many leftovers that we didn't want to make more food. (I'm funny about leftovers, once it hits day 3, I'm done.) So here's this week's meal plan:


Scrambled Eggs
Turkey Sausage Links
Hangover Potatoes

Baked Chicken & Spinach Flautas
Spanish Rice
Sour cream, salsa, beans

Crock pot BBQ Pulled Pork
Mashed Potatoes

Turkey and Veggie Wraps
Hummus & Crackers

French Bread Pizza (Gluten Free crust for me)
Side Salad

Leftover Mac & Cheese

Shopping List:
Orange Juice (I dont know why i'm totally addicted to oj right now!)
Sour Cream
Pork Chops
Gluten Free Wraps
French Bread

You are now entering the 2ww...

Oh joy! the two week wait!
Now that our home is sick-free, we were ready to jump back on that pogo stick (so to speak of course). I actually ovulated late this month. I haven't been temp-ing, but i have been using OPKs. I started testing at CD9, then CD11, and then everyday after that. Unfortunately, I didn't get a positive read until CD16! So who flippin knows what will happen with AF this month (if anything--fingers crossed). While I'm not trying to over analyze this time around, I will keep a written journal so I can go back and see what my early pregnancy symptoms might have been. :) Also, we have been really busy with the house, and harvesting our veggies from the garden. Our county fair is going on this weekend so it will definitely keep us busy as well. Hopefully time will go by fast and I will soon know!

Today is CD 18, possible 2 DPO. Many baby blessing to you all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TTC update

Here's my quick update on our ttc journey.

Cycle day 11. Cycles trying: 3

I can't wait to see what happens this month! We have so many things going on in our lives that being pregnant would only add more happiness and joy to our lives!

Ive gotten to work in the infant room a few time in the last few weeks. We have some very tiny little ones in there, and it makes my heart melt! I cant wait to hold my own child and rock him/her to sleep :)

My friend is on her way over to give me a massage. She does in-home massages and is AMAZING!

I have some crazy work news, but that will have to wait until my next post. Lots of changes at work as well.

I hope you all are doing well and I send you buckets of baby dust!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Groceries, dying, new house? wait...what?

Today I picked up my groceries for the next week of meals and then some. I paid $170 total, and got everything I needed. :)

Yesterday we found out that my mother-in-law's mom died in her sleep at the age of 93. She was a sweet but tough lady from what I managed to get from the 2 years of knowing her. What a way to go though! I hope it was so blissful, and the angels came and guided her to heaven! Scott's family deals with death a little differently than mine, and they are pretty nonchalant about it. My family on the other hand goes through all the tears, memories, laughs, etc. We are a little more...emotional about these things.

So...because of the recent death, Scott's parents want us to buy the farm that grandma and grandpa live/lived on (I'm not sure where grandpa is going yet...) So if we buy this farm, we would have to move there obviously...which was our ultimate goal but we honestly didn't think it was going to happen so fast. We are not even finished with our downstairs unit where we planned on moving into in the next month and renting out the upper unit. Yes, we would obviously just rent the lower unit as well, but I guess I was really looking forward to living downstairs. I've been planning and picturing it for so long. All our hard work has gone into this place, and I truly cannot picture myself never living in it. We've been on our own as a married couple since feb this year, and we are finally getting to where we planned on being in the first place. I guess I was just looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my house a bit before we worried about moving to the farm.

But, I guess that's how these things work. I mean in my mind, we really didn't have enough room in the lower unit (or the upper for that matter) for a baby room and our hobby room (or infinity room as Scott calls it--since there is an infinity of possibilities of what the room could hold...jajaja). I need a set space where I can make my soap and natural products instead of cartin' it all to the kitchen to spend a week making things and then moving it all back to try to find space for the soap to cure. All I really really need is lots of shelves, a microwave, an outlet, and a work bench. Clearly that wasn't happening in a two bedroom lower in a duplex. I know I planned the rooms in this house, and I knew how small I was making everything, but my family center has always been the kitchen/dining room. So I made it bigger, the rooms smaller, and it is what it is... Anyways, that's neither here nor there...

I would be thrilled to move to the farm since it was where we wanted to end up anyways. I cant wait to live in the country again!! Peace and quiet, starry nights, quiet, bonfires, privacy...did I mention quiet? This could ultimately be our "happy ending". Rental duplex in town with two renters, bringing in approximately $1,000/month. In a year my debt will be paid off and hopefully I will be pregnant or have given birth. I could stay home and make sell my soaps, and work on the farm. Sigh...I love the thought. But its just so abrupt.

more soon... :)
love and angel blessings!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

meal plan for 8/18-8/24

I'm planning ahead this week since I'm trying to hit all the sales at the grocery store. Here's next week's meal plan. I'm super stoked to try many new things!

Sloppy Joes (ground turkey), chips, raw veggies and hummus Made these with mashed potatoes instead of my GF bread, Delicious!!!

Baked Chicken & Spinach Flautas and Spanish Rice Added these to the next week's meal plan

omg, these look so freakin good!!
also salsa, sour cream, and beans.

Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Sausage, and "Hangover" Potatoes & OJ Added these to next week's meal plan
(the hangover potatoes are my specialty, definitely not healthy, but delicious...and great for hangovers)

Homemade Mac & Cheese, Broccoli, and Chicken The chicken was awesome! Marinated for two days in the fridge, in some herb and garlic marinade mix! YUM! the mac and cheese was decent considering i didnt use a recipe.

Tuna salad Sandwiches, Hummus & Veggies Made these into wraps instead. Delicious!!

Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Corn AMAZING!!! Soooo easy and delicious!!!

Only 3 Ingredients for the chops!

Here's my shopping list for this week:

ground turkey
baby carrots
buns for scott
chicken breast x2
corn tortillas
melting cheese
gluten free noodles
sharp cheddar cheese
turkey sausage
red potatoes
orange juice
thin cut pork chops
hidden valley ranch season mix
cream of chicken soup

I also need to get many other items for Scott's lunches and snacks as well as my lunches for work.
That's it for now!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

sickness is running rampet...

Sorry its been so long since my last update. Things have been kinda crazy around here.
First off, let me say that AF came yesterday. No huge surprise there. I went to the doctor on Monday after work. I had a terrible sore throat and clogged-feeling ears. Doc said sinusitis and gave me antibiotics. I'm feeling 1,000 times better now. But poor Scott is sick now. High fever, terrible headache, sore throat, and frequent urination. I am sitting here while we debated to go to the hospital since we couldn't get his fever down for 24+ hours. Finally some progress, but not below 100 degrees yet. I should be in bed, but I cant help stay up and watch him, nurse him, take care of him. Yet, I must go to sleep. So I just wanted to update you all and let you know how crazy things have been. I will end this on a good note though, I made 4 batches of soap yesterday. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on this blog or not, but I make my own handmade vegan soaps. I haven't made any since fall last year and it feels great to get back at it!

Blessings and Baby Dust!