Friday, December 28, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 13, 14, 15

I'm so sorry its been so long, but the good news is, we finally moved!!! What a crazy few weeks it has been! We moved about two weeks ago, and I have been busy cleaning, organizing, baking christmas cookies, decorating, etc. We still arent finished. (the darn holidays really messed up our organizing schedules...heehee) anyways, Im not sure I will be able to remember all of the details from the last few weeks, but I will surely try.

How far *currently: 15 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain: I havent weighed myself recently but Im sure will all the holiday goodies I gain a few.

Maternity clothes: work pants, and stretchy pj or yoga pants

Sleep: getting restless, I did receive a maternity pillow from my in-laws. It's by Sealy. It's called the Sweet Pea 2 in 1 maternity/nursing pillow. I didnt want the snoogle because it has the head pillow part, and I have many neck issues so this one works pretty well so far! its from Amazon

Sealy Sweet Pea 2-in-1 Maternity and Nursing Pillow, Cappuccino

 Best moment the past few weeks: moving, the holidays with friends and family.

Miss anything? cocktails, coffee

Food cravings: Yellow or honey mustard, and pickles--not together.

Anything make you queasy or sick? not really, just stinky people...

Gender prediction: BOY! We'll find out on wednesday!

Movement: Nothing yet

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: headaches here and there, I've been fighting a sinus cold, so that could be the reason for the headaches. Other than that, just super duper emotional. My mom bought me a baby bottle started kit, and I cried my eyes just seemed so surreal that I will be using them on my baby!! I found them on amazon.

The First Years Breastflow Starter Set

Mood: Emotional, but good.

Looking forward to: My ultrasound on wednesday jan 2!! I cant wait to find out if my predictions are right!!! I also have a midwife appointment that day as well.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful New year!!!!
Much love,

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pregnancy Week 12

Today marks the end of my 12th week, and I feel like I actually have a little bump! I never would have known if it wasnt for a holiday dress up day at work. We were able to wear festive attire, and I tried on everything I could think of...Nothing fit very nice. I just felt fat. My normal clothes don't fit, and my maternity clothes are too big yet. I know most women go through this, but I guess I was just was surprised. Anyways, I settled on a red polo and green undershirt, and sure enough, my belly was more round than normal! :)

I had my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I had to turn in a 3day food diary and she basically told me I need to eat more! I laughed, first time I've ever thought about that!! She added that it should definitely be more protein and more veggies, but more food in general! Ha! We also heard little one's heart beat. It was just for a quick second, but it was most definitely there! I laughed because my friend Billie was crying, and then LO moved and we couldn't find it again. Oh well, that was definitely proof enough for me! Heart rate was at 130. Even more evidence that LO is a boy! :) My midwife also pulled out the Baby-Egg calendar. It was so neat to see the real size of my baby! Also the egg of your current week is the approx. size of your uterus! 

How far along? 12 weeks

Total weight gain: +2 pounds from PPweight

Maternity clothes: Just pants, but apparently I need to find something more... 

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: pretty normal, only wake up once to pee, some random dreams, but mostly just normal

Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat!!!

Miss anything? coffee

Food cravings: nothing in particular

Anything make you queasy/sick? taking my vitamins. I've tried taking them at night, but then it keeps me up. I've added echinacea, zinc and vitamin C since I've been fighting a cold. And I always take them after I eat breakfast and before I leave for was the closest I've come to throwing up my entire pregnancy.

Gender prediction: Boy!

Fetal movement: I thought maybe the other morning, but I doubt it.

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: pretty light this week again. My breasts are sore again, but more so on the nipple and surrounding area than the sides.

Mood: Good

Looking forward to: moving in downstairs and finally decorating for the holidays!! Holiday baking! Wrapping gifts!

My next midwife appointment is Jan 2, and I'm trying to schedule a gender ultrasound the same day! Gosh I can't wait!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Pregnancy Week 11

We put up our Christmas Light outside of our house. Looks so nice! Old fashioned multicolored C9 lights! Now if only we could get inspected so we could start moving and decorating downstairs! This week I did get my fluff mail! And I love all the covers I bought. I can't wait to buy the prefolds and prep it all.

Took the intelligender test Sunday morning, swirled and waited...prediction was a BOY! :) Scott was happy, now we'll have to wait a few weeks til we can really find out. 


How far along? 11 Weeks

Total weight gain: the same--between 0-5lbs fluctuating.

Maternity Clothes: Just pants.

Stretch Marks: nope

Sleep: Getting better and better!

Best moment this week: getting my fluff mail!

Miss anything? coffee

Food cravings: Orange Juice! Peach and blueberry smoothies (made with oj, of course)

Anything make you queasy/sick? nothing in particular.

Gender prediction: if the Intelligender test was right, that would mean I have been right all along! :)

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: pretty sparse, dizzy spells but I think it was from fighting off an illness.

Mood: Great!

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment next Wednesday when I'll hear the heartbeat! :)

Have a wonderfully festive day!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I will start in the top left corner...
*Going to cut down a tree. we always get a real tree, and usually go in my in-law's woods to find one. *Wrapping gifts. I love to wrap gifts! *Candlelight service on Christmas eve, there is something so magical about it! *New pajamas, while we didn't do this as kids, this is definitely something I would love to start with our child next year. *New Christmas book on Christmas eve. The one pictured is my favorite! The illustrations are amazing!! "It's called Snowmen at Christmas" *German Pickle Tradition. *Decorating the tree as a family. *Christmas dinner! *Building gingerbread houses *Listening to Christmas music! *Decorating Christmas cookies *Watching Christmas specials on tv *Lights aglow outside against the snow. Beautiful! *Sledding!! *Elf on the Shelf-I cant wait to start this with our little one! *Hot cocoa!! *Driving around to scope out the best light display! *Buying gifts for our friends and family!

Pregnancy Week 10

This week felt like it took forever! Thanksgiving was great! I helped my brother with hosting. He did such a great job! :) Thursday night I found some amazing deals online on cloth diaper covers. SCORE!! I ended up buying 11 covers (from cottonbabies and kellyscloset) for $89 and free shipping! Yay!! 6 flip covers from cottonbabies, and 5 thirsities duo wrap size 1 from kellyscloset.

Flip: One-Size Diaper Cover                                                      

Sweet sweet deals! I worked friday and a half day on saturday. Then another Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws. Everything was delicious there as well. I eventually found my way to the couch to take a nap. OH! and we found out my sister-in-law is pregnant too!! She's due a month behind me. :) They are doing a midwife too! It will be neat to have someone to journey along with me :)

Anyways, onto the update...

How far along? 10 weeks

Total weight gain: 0 from last week, fluctuating from my pp weight to +5 pounds. So I'm going with no weight gain right now.

Maternity clothes: Yes, my work pants and my jeans have now gone maternity. Soooo much more comfortable!

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Has gotten much better already, usually only wake up to pee around 5:30am, and my dreams have been less strange and less frequent which is nice since I am sleeping deeper and more restful now.

Best Moment this week: wearing my maternity jeans! The comfort!! Thanksgiving with family! Yummy food! Finding out my sis-in-law Amy is preggers!

Miss anything? wine at thanksgiving dinner, lunch meat, not feeling bloated.

Food cravings: orange juice!! I am really enjoying bananas this week.

Anything make you queasy/sick? Nothing specific, but pretty much any weird/strong smells.

Gender prediction: I still say boy, I ordered an Intelligender test so we'll see what it says in week 11. :)

Wedding ring: on

Symptoms: they seem less this week, other than a little moody, and craving OJ. Im not nearly as tired.

Mood: Good, slightly moody

Looking forward to: getting my fluff mail! My midwife appointment dec 5th, then christmas shopping with Billie :)

I hope you all had a lovely time with your families and found some amazing deals!! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week 9

This week feels pretty uneventful, other than my extreme exhaustion and mild acne again not too much has changed. I have been crazy busy preparing for Thanksgiving at both families. I enjoy entertaining and cooking so much! We would have been hosting Turkey day at my home if the downstairs was finished and we were settled in. We'll see what happens for Christmas. My mom is very protective about Christmas, but every year my step dad and I make all the food, clean, and pretty much run the show. My mom hates entertaining now that she is so sick and cant get around very well. I really know that Christmas morning has always been something she looks forward to (since she was pregnant with my brother). She was so excited to have little ones running around and gathering around the tree. Even though we're not little, she still wants us all there (at her house). I told her once that instead of Grandma making her way over to her house on Christmas morning, someday she will be a grandma and will be coming over to my house to do Christmas...and then she cried. really....she cried, not happy tears, but sad ones! Anyways, all this ranting just to say that maybe, just maybe I will be hosting Christmas some year soon...hopefully. 

How far along: 9 Weeks

Total weight gain: +3lbs

Maternity clothes: my bella band when we are out in public, I feel so bloated! My pants are zipping less and less.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: tired all the time. hard to fall asleep, when I do, its all dreams and waking up once/twice a night to pee. Once I wake up for the day, I am awake, but then I get to work, and I'm exhausted right away! ugh!

Best moment this week: telling some of the girls at work. I have already told my boss. Some of the girls at work sorta cornered me into telling them, I hate lying, and so I figured I'd let it out. They are so excited for me! It's nice to share the news and people be happy! Just 2 more short weeks until we can officially tell the world! I can't believe we have come this far!

Miss anything? Lunch meat (deli shaved ham and turkey!) Holiday cocktails, restful sleep.

Food cravings: Nothing real intense. OJ, PBJ sandwiches. 

Anything make you queasy/sick? Nothing specifically, many things turn my stomach, but I usually distract myself.

Gender prediction: Boy (I had a weird dream I was breastfeeding my baby boy!)

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: Strange sleep/dreams, exhausted, emotional, tender breasts.

Mood: tired, good, tired...

Looking forward to: Spending time with family and cooking up a storm for Turkey Day! 

I hope you have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving holiday!! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Pinned Thanksgiving

Here is what my Thanksgiving will look like via pinterest. This is as close as it will probably get, and I urge you, if there is anything you would like to see the recipe for, follow the link to my pinterest board and find the pin to click on. This will take you to the website/recipe.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

 Click HERE to find my pinterest board where you will find the sources and recipes!

May your heart and home be filled with love, laughter, and delicious food this Thanksgiving holiday!

Pregnancy Week 8

This week was pretty crazy! My emotions are insane!! My dreams are out there, and my food cravings have sunk to "nothing sounds good now..wait, yes I want chips, no, now I cant stand chips." This happens in a matter of 10 minutes, so it's terribly difficult to figure out what to cook! My breasts are hurting again, and very swollen, I have definitely outgrown my bra, and if it weren't for camis I would most definitely have to go shopping. For now, I'm still doing the lift and tuck method and hoping I can make it until my next midwife appointment when Billie and I go shopping.

It snowed here today, big white fluffy flakes! There really wasn't accumulation, except on the rooftops and along the sidewalks. Boy did it make me want to hear some good ol' christmas carols. So, yes, of course I am listening to my pandora christmas station and lovin' it!! I am also making a veggie chowder of sorts. I'm just making it up as I go. (That's usually how I cook anyway.)

How far along? 8 Weeks

Total weight gain: back down to my PP weight. so -4lbs from last week. Bloat much?!

Maternity Clothes: Bella band mostly. My mom bought me some cute maternity shirts and shorts for spring/summer.

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: Like I said out there! I had a dream about pirates the other day. So weird...Otherwise good, I barely get up in the middle of the night to pee.

Best moment this week: hitting the 8 week mark!

Miss anything? bloody mary's, craving and eating something and then not getting sick afterward, lunch meat!

Food cravings: nothing really

Anything make you queasy? most everything, especially after I eat it, or think about eating it. Smells!! Stinky customers at work!!

Gender prediction: Boy

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: Tender and swollen breasts, moodiness, weird dreams, nauseous most of the time (still haven't thrown up).

Mood: not myself, easily irritated, testy.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!! For the family time and the food!!

Love and Snowflakes!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A feast fit for a king...

With all of my Christmas talk lately, I figured I'd reassure you that I am most definitely NOT skipping Thanksgiving!! Below are a few of my must haves for Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!

Starting at the top left and headin' left...
Sweet potatoes--no marshmallows please. Scott's mom makes these and it is AMAZING!!! 
Jello--the classic. We call it ribbon cake at Scott's family's.
Green Fluff--or pistachio fluff. One of my absolute must haves! I'm totally obsessed with this! I'm the one that makes it so I can bring the left overs home :) 
I cannot make it through T-Dinner without a tall glass of milk--straight from the bulk tank thank you very much.
Veggies--I love either corn or garlicky green beans--or both! 
Mashed potatoes--the main food of T-Day!! It would never be Thanksgiving without mashers and gravy made from the bird!!
Turkey of course!--we use a Nesco to cook ours, lots of homemade wine and delicious spices to help in basting. Mmmm...White meat only please.
Stuffing--I never liked stuffing until a few years ago, and now I make a Gluten Free version with corn bread! AMAZING!! I'm always glad to have leftovers of this one!
Cranberry sauce--Again, not until recently. Nothing beats a little cranberry sauce with your turkey!!
Rolls--Although I miss terribly those non-rolls (brown n serve), or any for that matter. I do make a few gluten free, but there is nothing like a crusty roll all steamy and soft on the inside...just begging for butter and potato gravy goodness!!

That's all for now. I'll have to do a dessert collage later, it mostly consists of pies, but I just couldnt fit it on here. My favorite dessert memory: My grandma grabbing the pie and running with it because for some reason she doesnt stuff her self full of dinner and she wants dessert right away. My mom told her no, and chased after her for it--mind you my mom is hobbling along since she has a hard time walking these days, and my mom wrestled my grandma for the pie...sigh...nothing's better than that!! I love my family!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I warned you it was coming... :)

With Christmas just 49 days away, I wanted to share my ideas for my wishlist with you. Let me know what will be on your list this year too!

2012 Christmas Wish List

Here is my current wish list. Some things are kinda random, or silly... 

I really want the wisk and dough hook attachments to my kitchenaid stand mixer. I found them on amazon. There are a few others that I'd love to have as well, but we'll save those for the next few years :) 
wisk attachment and hook attachment I also really need new cookie sheets.

I also really need a new computer, I would prefer a laptop. I trust my husband will figure out which one would be best for me, but I just found this one as an example.

With a baby on the way, we will definitely need a camcorder, I would really be fine with a Flip or the like since we both have camcorders on our digital cameras, but its more fun to see a picture of this one.

I am so excited to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition (even though we wouldn't really use it until two christmas' from now, I am so going to get it soon! 

Now onto the gift cards: Amazon to buy some Kindle books, or anything really. BabiesRus, Target for baby stuff, Mountain rose herbs is where I get my organic herbs for my teas, soaps, oils, lotions, etc. And Natures Garden is where I get my soap fragrances if I'm not using essential oils.

mountain rose herbs gift certificate
natures garden gift certificate

I think that just about covers it. I love the holiday season and I cant cant wait to start fun traditions with our little one! Hurrah!!! Enjoy, and let me know what's on your wish list!

Love and Snowflakes, 

Pregnancy Week 7

I'm not sure why I feel so excited to write this week's blog, maybe it's because I'm at 8 weeks + 1 day and each day I'm worrying less and less, or it could be the festive feeling I'm in. Anyways, I'm so excited today. I have off of work and have secretly started listening to Christmas Music! Shhhh! I cant believe I'm saying it, but it feels so good to do it! It put me in a cleaning and cooking mood this morning, which Scott can't complain much about... I'm currently listening to pandora radio and Johnny Mathis is singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" sigh, I love it! I think I'll have to make up my wish list soon! Anyways, onto week 7.

How far along? 7 weeks

Total weight gain: up 4lbs from my pp weight.--bloat?

Maternity clothes: bella band, and my trusty yoga capris

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: getting weirder...I'm exhausted, but once I get into bed, I can't turn my brain off, once I do fall asleep, I dream all night long--I think this is why I'm tired all day long. People at work even say, "Wow, you look tired." gee thanks :) anyways, my dreams are just plain strange, I've never been much for dreaming, but now its a totally different story!

Best moment this week: my first midwife appointment! Everything went really well. The drive was long (1hr, 15mins) but nice to spend the time with Scott. I did blood work, and a urine test. Everything came back normal. My vitamin D was low, so I've been taking a supplement which will help with the pain in my joints. (they normally don't test for vit d, but when I mentioned how sometimes my body just hurts, she recommended this test b/c she had the same problem until she was tested and now takes a supplement. I really feel a difference thank goodness!)

Miss anything: Fitting into my jeans!! I feel so bloated all the time! Also, knowing what I want to eat and not changing my mind or getting nauseous over it!

Food Cravings: not much to be honest. Maybe soup.

Anything make you queasy? Pretty much anything and everything! Especially smells, and living with two men doesn't help the stink factor!

Gender prediction: boy

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: Super smell sensitive! Nauseous over most things--I usually can distract myself with something else to let it pass. Weird and frequent dreams. Easily emotional.

Mood: Pretty good most of the time. Unless I just woke up. My patience to put up with people's crap is definitely thinner than normal.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! Just 2 weeks + 2 days away!! I've already started on my menu!

I would love to hear from some of you out there in Blogger land. Let me know what your blogs are so I can follow you too! Lots of Love and Festive Cheer!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy week 6

Oh man! I'm so tired these days! I'm actually 7weeks + 3 days right now, but for some reason I thought I wanted to wait until my first midwife appointment before doing my week 6 blog. Does make much sense to me...oh well. In week 6 my symptoms lessened! My nausea is only immediately when I get up in the morning, and when I eat too much. My breasts are less swollen, and are far less painful! Hurray!!

Week 6

Total weight gain: -3 from last week, so 1 lb below my starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: still my trusty bellaband.

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: decent, still getting up to use the bathroom 1-2 times a night, vivid dreams are beginning.

Best moment this week: when my boobs stopped hurting so much

Miss anything: alcohol. I didnt drink much before, but it was halloween  weekend, and it's hard not to go out for drinks all decked out in costume.

Food cravings: beef jerky, crab rangoons, mexican, pb bananna and honey on toasted gf bagel.

Anything make you queasy: smells!!! My nose is still in hyperdrive!

Gender Prediction: boy

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: Hypersensitive nose, peeing all the time, periodically moody, tired.

Mood: pretty good, exhausted most days since I've been working again. I can be periodically moody, and quick to change my demeanor.

Looking forward to: telling you about my first midwife visit!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meal Plan 10/22/12-10/29/12

Yes, I know, it's been awhile since I've done a meal plan on here. What can I say...things have been crazy! Plus I never really  know what I'll be hungry for now that I'm pregnant. I can start making something, and by the time I'm finished, I have absolutely no desire to eat it, smell it, or watch Scott eat it! Anyways, I have been writing them out in my little meal planning notebook and try to buy the groceries according to my plan.

Here's the next week:


Pretzels w/ peanut butter

Rice and beans with veggies
Chili & cornbread (this will make tons of leftovers)
Grilled Cheese and tomato soup (my all-time favorite soup!)
Sloppy Joes, veggie, chips
Baked Chicken, Mashed potatoes w/ gravy, veggie
left overs
left overs

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pregnancy Week 5

This week was definitely eventful! Sunday we met our doula, Rachel. She is fantastic! Even Scott likes her! As we finished our meeting and we were walking away, first thing from Scott's mouth was "I like her!" I was awestruck. He doesn't ever, ever say that! So that is simply amazing!!
Then on Monday, Billie and I went to Appleton to meet my midwife! There are 2 midwives and 1 advanced student midwife in this practice. Andi and Anja are the midwives, and the student midwife is Julie. We met with Andi, and she is fantastic!! I love her whole aura if you will, she is calm and extremely knowledgeable. Sigh...I love my birth team! :) 

Anyways, I also started my new job this week. I can't say I'm really excited to see what this place has to offer, but I am excited for the health insurance and benefits that come with the job! 

Week 5 has been pretty uneventful as far as symptoms are concerned.

How far along: 5 weeks

Total weight gain: 2lbs

Maternity Clothes: just a bellaband with my jeans.

Stretch marks: no new ones

Sleep: once i fall asleep, its pretty good, then my normal 2am bathroom break, and strange dreams until my 5am bathroom break. Nap if i can around 3pm.

Best moment this week: meeting my birth team!!

Miss anything? my boobs not hurting... 

Food Cravings: crab rangoons!

Anything make you queasy/sick? smells

Gender Prediction: boy

Symptoms: I feel pretty great this week, a little nausea, but it is minimal. My nose is in hyperdrive, and my boobs are flippin huge and sore!!

Wedding ring: On, but tight most days--bloat? 

Mood: Happy to sarcastic most days, so nothing out of the ordinary. A little irritable--shorter fuse maybe.

Looking forward to: My first prenatal visit with my midwife in two weeks hopefully, and having our house finished--if the electrician ever gets here...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pregnancy Week 4

Looking back on week 4...
This week felt pretty uneventful. My nausea subsided, and my boobs have grown (unfortunately) and are painful enough for me to wear a sports bra to bed--not an easy task for the 38DDD girls--, my mood was pretty good until later in the week where I became very irritable and cried over something I can't even remember. I still feel little twinges every now and again. My appetite seems to be either not hungry or ravenous. I am trying to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. We'll see what happens when I start my new job. (They are finalizing my offer with the VP on Monday, so then hopefully I will be employed again by the end of next week!)

Baby is the size of a poppy seed!

New this week:
I've started a 30 min prenatal yoga routine that I complete in the early morning before I start my day.

How far along: 4 weeks

Total weight gain: 2 pounds

Maternity clothes: not yet

Stretch marks: no new ones

Sleep: good! Only waking to pee once during the night, and once early morning.

Best moment this week: getting my jack skellington cloth diaper!! <3 Fluff Mail!

Miss anything? Coffee and diet pepsi

Movement: none yet

Food Cravings: mexican!

Anything make you queasy/sick: eggs, many smells, anything tight on my pelvic region.

Gender Prediction: Boy

Symptoms: tender/swollen breasts!! nausea, dizzy, tired midday, little stretchy pangs in my uterus.

Wedding ring: On

Mood: irritable and emotional, especially later in the week

Looking forward to: Meeting a doula and midwife next week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4+4, and my maternity clothing style

Today marks my 4weeks+4days pregnant. While this isn't a things to be jazzed about, I have a long haul ahead of me, and I'm excited and extremely grateful for every passing day! Anyways, my symptoms have gotten pretty light the past few days, and while I push any worrisome thoughts away, I focus on the fun things to come. Sunday I am meeting with a doula, and Monday I am visiting a midwife practice to interview and see the facilities. I am so jazzed! I have also been thinking about maternity clothing, which seems silly, I know. But when I start my new job, I will need black dress pants, and let me tell you, my last pair of black dress pants are at least a size too small from what I am currently, let alone pregnant. I know I wont get a noticeable bump for at least 16 weeks since I am overweight to begin with. My question is, do I buy dress pants in my current size or even a size up, and then eventually have to buy maternity pants anyways? The strongest argument is well, when you return to work you'll need them. Well, I do not plan on returning to work afterwards. I hopefully plan to start a small babysitting business by then so I can stay home with my little one. We'll see what life plans for our little family. :) Anyways, here are some fun maternity clothing options.*all photos/products found below are from The outfit on the left hand side would be my work attire. Enjoy! ~Nikky

Friday, October 5, 2012

Blood Draw / Doc. Visit

Today was my first doctor visit to get my blood drawn to confirm my pregnancy. My appointment was at 8:30am. My bff Billie came with me since Scott was working. The appointment was nothing special, just a quick family history and she wrote up a blood draw for me. We also decided to test my thyroid.

The story behind my thyroid is my mom has Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. A type of thyroid disorder that is hereditary. Now, I've been tested 3 times for any abnormalities in my thyroid, but all tests have come back negative. Which is good and bad, the thing is, I have many many of the symptoms. Normally, the blood tests tend to come back negative until much later in life. My mom was diagnosed after age 40, and she showed symptoms in her early 20's. So you can see my concern. I have also tired to get referred to an endocrinologist despite my normal blood test, but to no avail.

So anyways, she called me with the results and of course I'm pregnant! Woot!!!! and my thyroid test came back normal. She recommended I talk with the doctor more about it at my 8 week appt. Speaking of, my next appointment will be Thursday, November 8, 2012! My first prenatal appointment! Yaaayyy!!!!

In other fun news, yesterday, Billie and I went to BabiesRus and just had fun getting lost in all the baby gear! I only bought a pack of super cute long sleeved onesies, and also some preggy pop drops for morning sickness--which has begun to rear its ugly head. I also signed up for the rewards card the store offers. It's so silly, but it feels like a badge of honor--like I have a reason to be here! Muhahah... :-P

Anywho, here are the onesies I picked up...

I love the woodland print, especially the owls! Good for a neutral start :)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pregnancy week 3

I cant believe I'm writing a pregnancy blog! I was a little weary of sharing this news, but I figured hell, this is why I was writing ttc blogs. It's all part of the journey...

So since before we even started ttc, I have been taking prenatal vitamins. These are the ones I've been taking, plus an extra folic acid. There is 800mcg in this prenatal, and the folic acid only adds to it. I will probably switch once these are gone. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

 Spring Valley - Prenatal, Multivitamin, Multimineral, 100 Tablets

 eventually i will do the whole questionnaire thing, but for now, this seems more viable.
tender and swollen breasts, slight nausea, tiredness.

First day of my last menstrual cycle: Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
Estimated arrival date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

made my doctor appt to get blood work tomorrow.  

Thats all for now, I'll write something up about my dr. visit.

Baby Blessings!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CD25 / 10DPO

I wanted to quickly write an update. This cycle I only took OPK's to predict ovulation. I had my surge on cycle days 13-15. I am always unsure about my cycle since they are frequently changing due to my weight and thyroid. But as of this morning, I wont be having my cycle for the next year or so...

I got my BFP!!!! I am shaking in disbelief!! I am so scared to really believe it, incase it gets taken away from me some how. 

Here's how it went down:

6:30am got up to pee, dipped an early pregnancy test strip...waited, left the bathroom, laid back in bed for 5-10mins. Scott got up, started getting ready for work. I got up, he said "you preggers yet?" (being that i had already seen the beginning of the test, i assumed no, but i usually go back and check after a few mins.) I said, "I dont know, lets go see!" I looked at the test and it looked strange. Lots of dark pink all over, like it was a faulty test. But there was definitely a second line! I showed Scott, said "maybe". And gave him a kiss goodbye. I could hardly wait to take another, and did so right away. Luckily I had enough pee. lol. I dipped two more tests, one early pregnancy test strip and one first response. I waited a few mins, frantically walking around the house. Looked back and had two lines on the first response. And an extremely light (like my eyes were playing tricks on me) second line on the early pregnancy test strip!!! Of course I immediately dipped another first response and sure enough, 2 lines!!!

So as far as early symptoms go:

*Slight breast tenderness (since monday night) I normally don't get tenderness at all, so this was a symptom for me. Also, my breasts felt very swollen last night (tue).
*waves of nausea, again very slight, and I frequently get this so I didn't think too much of it.
*Tired. Not extreme in the least. But I did take a nap the other day, and that's not liked me.
*Implantation cramps? I had pretty bad back cramps last week thr/fri, 5 DPO-ish.  

As of today, and according to the first day of my last period, I am 3 weeks and 1 day today!

So I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I will fill you all in on my blood test, and my newest symptoms. :) 

Baby dust to you all!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playpen ideas

 I really enjoy the mulit-purpose these things serve nowadays.

1. Fold up changer. This design is adorable! I love the play gym concept and the fold up changer is awesome!

2. Drop down changer. Just like the previous one, I really like how the changer drops away for storage. I also love the remote control idea so you don't have to disturb your babe if the vibrations/music turn off and your little one begins to stir. The roll down curtain is neat as well. Good for hiding storage when your aren't using the lower part.

3. Changing Caddy. I enjoy the gray, black, and orange colors here. Also the changing caddy is awesome! Tons of space!

4. Super cute design. This one is almost exactly like the previous, just missing the toy bar. Such a fun print! And again, lots of caddy space for diapering.

5. Basic but functional. While this one is just a playpen, it is super cute, and would work well for a grandparent.

Thanks for reading!! Comment below on which is your preferred playpen. Cheers!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crafty Pay it Forward

What's going down:

The first three people to comment on this post will receive
a little gift - something personal from me to you.

Within 2 months I'll create something
unique to share with the first three people to
comment on this post.

But in order to receive your present you have to play along.
Spread the love on your own blog promising to send a
little special something to the first three people
who comment on your post.

You get 72 hours to re-post, or I'll have to move on to
the next person.

Please only comment if you're willing to pay it forward.

If you want to receive something unique and hand-made from me in the mail and if you are willing to do the same for others, leave a comment below! 

Please leave your email address so that I can contact you directly! And blog URL so that I and others can visit your blog! Again, I want to emphasize that please only comment if you're willing to pay it forward. Nobody likes a taker.

Who's down for paying it forward craft style?

Monday, September 10, 2012


AF came yesterday. Booooo!!!! :-( I really thought I felt different this time. Hopefully Sept will be our month. :) Again, I wont be temp-ing, but I will be using OPK's. 

In other news, I put my 2week notice in at my job! FINALLY! Don't get me wrong, there are so many things that I love about working there, but sometimes it just wears ya down. Luckily, Scott's work situation has improved greatly and we are on our way to our planned future! w00t!!

Bright Blessings and Baby Dust!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crunchy Momma

 Here's to all the Crunchy Momma's out there...

 1. Cloth Diapers! While the photos here shows BumGenius, there are so many different kinds that your head could explode! Nothing screams natural crunchy momma than cloth diapers!! Here's the link to the ones shown.

2. Cloth Wipes! Again, the photo shows the BumGenius brand, and I will be making mine from flannel scraps, and the receiving blanket overload I'm sure I'll get. At first it didn't occur to me to do cloth wipes, but the more I thought about changing my child's diaper. I'd have to have a cloth diaper pail and a regular diaper pail for the wipes?! way, it's way to easy to just have one and throw them in the wash with the rest of the diapers.

3. Reusable Cloth Nursing Pads. well...duh! why wouldn't I use these? Breast milk is water soluble so it's not like these little guys wouldn't get clean. The ones shown are some organic kind, but you can find them all over etsy and other sites from WAHMs. I will more than likely make my own. (sensing a trend here?)

4. Nursing Cover. Clearly I plan on breastfeeding, and while in public, I really don't want/need gawkers, so these little covers will definitely help. They have a wire in the upper hem that you can bend outward to see your beautiful baby. Here's the one shown.

5. Boppy or any other breastfeeding helper. I used to work in a daycare in the infant room. I know how hard it is to keep that sweet little baby up to give him/her their bottles. I always propped a pillow under my arm. I love this cover from Boppy.

6. Breast pump. Again with the breast feeding. I definitely want to go BPA free, and I've heard nothing but great things about Medela. This model seems pretty mid-range. It's a scary thing to spend so much money on something your not even sure you will be able to use. If that is your main concern, there are smaller hand pump models as well. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start off with a hand pump, and then move up to a larger model if needed.

7. Beaba Babycook or any type of food processor really. I will most definitely be making my child's baby food. There really is no reason not to. You will be aware of what is going in to your child as well as saving you TONS of money! The Beaba freezer containers are amazing! They have a soft silicone bottom so you can easily pop one out.

8. Think Baby BPA free dishes. These are amazing! Nuff said.

9. Ergo Carrier. This is the sport version. Out of all the carriers I've heard about, the Ergo is the most talked about, and the most raved about. This would be nice to be fitted for my husband, and I could have the wrap that I talk about in #10.

10. Baby K'tan. I really love the two shoulder sling wraps. This one can be worn so many ways, and can also be used for breastfeeding covertly in public. Sneaky sneaky!

Nursery Ideas

Here are some of my Nursery Ideas, Enjoy :) 

All these items came from

1. notNeutral Arbor Friends Lamp Base and Shade. I love owls! But I'm on the fence if I could plaster them all over my child's nursery yet. I would love little pops of them here and there. So, I love this line of bedding and decor. Not too much. I'm still unsure if I'm in love with the lamp, but it couldn't hurt to have the ideas out there. I love...Lamp.

2. Color Study owls Vinyl Wall Decal. This is super cute because it is sorta off the cuff. I would rather it be a canvas than a wall decal, but who knows, maybe I could paint one similar to match our colors. Owl Decal.

3. Nursery Smart Changer in Mocha. Instead of having the traditional changing table, I definitely want a low dresser (like this one, or even a bit larger). That way as the child grows, this can still be used for years to come. We are undecided as to Mocha or Cherry color, but either way, it will match the crib. Mocha Changing Table.

4. Orange Butterflies I Wall Art. My husband loves insects, and if he wasn't a farmer, he'd be an entomologist. I thought this would be a nod to that, and would go with the orange in the bedding. Butterfly Wall Art.

 5. Mulitposition Reclining Sleigh Glider and Ottoman. While I'm definitely not tied to one glider over another, I definitely think comfort is key. I would also love for it to be neutral in color so we can always move it to another room in the house. Glider.

6. notNeutral Arbor Friends Storage Bins. If we go with the changing table pictured, I'd love to have two of these and one brown canvas bin to go in the upper slots. Super fun, and a great way to incorporate color and theme without going over the top.Arbor Friends Storage Bins.

7. JJ Cole Striped Storage Box in Brown. I love canvas bins and like I said in #6, This would go great to compliment the Arbor Friends Storage Bins. Brown Storage Box.

8. Tree of Life Wall Art. I love how similar this is to the bedding! More than likely I would end up making something like this. Super cute! Tree of Life Wall Art.

9. notNeutral Arbor Friends 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set.One of the few bedding sets without a bumper! I love how simple this is, good contrast of colors, and definitely up my alley. Bedding Set.

10. Ethan 2-in-1 Convertible Crib in Mocha. While I'm not super concerned about it being a convertible crib, it is a nice feature to have. I love dark wood, so we would go with either this color or the Cherry. Crib.

Well, there you have it! My first go at one of these fun picture boards. I hope I did alright. It really helps to see it all put together. I think I might make some more for the other areas. (ie. travel systems, toys, feeding, etc). How fun! :) 


Saturday, September 1, 2012

my cycles are confusing

As of today, I am DPO 7 and CD 23. I ovulated a little later than normal and I am also aware that my projected AF date is on CD32, I've never gotten AF on CD32. CD31 has been the longest cycle I've had since March at least. And my cycles vary from 27-31 days. So it's kinda difficult to be appropriately excited/nervous/shitting myself scared/wanting to POAS, but is it too early?... I really have no idea when to expect AF this month. I know I ovulated a little later, but does that necessarily mean AF will be later too?

I really am keeping myself busy so I dont read into symptoms and just to help to not think about it all day long...see my last post if you want proof...haha. But really...I am pretty go with the flow this 2WW and hopefully it stays that way!

I will keep you all updated on my cycle, and hopefully I will be able to report a BFP!


reveal ideas

Sometimes I get stuck watching baby announcement videos on you tube. Like "Surprise! we're pregnant!" It really makes me smile and/or cry! Some of them are so touching and it's so funny seeing the way people react. I think I just spent and hour or more watching these! I wanted to note a few ideas here for when the time comes for me to reveal my pregnancy to my parents.

*fortune cookies restuffed with "You will be a grandparent in (month)" fortune.

*gift of a ring to grandma and this note along with it:
            Dear Mom, You are the greatest and the best in all the land.
            We hope you really enjoy this, especially on your hand.
            We'd really like to thank you for everything you did.
            And by the way, in (month), You're going to have a grand-kid!

*line everyone up for a photo and instead of saying cheese say "Nikky and Scott are Pregnant!"

*Card appropriate for the season/holiday that is near our reveal, and it is written out to "grandma &

*fun video/photo/slideshow that we show to them after we went on "a day trip" and wanted to show them the pictures from our trip. Add a photo in the middle of us holding up a sign that says "We're Pregnant!"

of course there are so many other ideas that would make the day so special, and we really wouldnt have to do anything extravagant to make it an amazing day, but here are just a few to remember for when it's time. :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meal Plan 8/25/12-8/31/12

I pulled two meals from last week into this week because we simply had so many leftovers that we didn't want to make more food. (I'm funny about leftovers, once it hits day 3, I'm done.) So here's this week's meal plan:


Scrambled Eggs
Turkey Sausage Links
Hangover Potatoes

Baked Chicken & Spinach Flautas
Spanish Rice
Sour cream, salsa, beans

Crock pot BBQ Pulled Pork
Mashed Potatoes

Turkey and Veggie Wraps
Hummus & Crackers

French Bread Pizza (Gluten Free crust for me)
Side Salad

Leftover Mac & Cheese

Shopping List:
Orange Juice (I dont know why i'm totally addicted to oj right now!)
Sour Cream
Pork Chops
Gluten Free Wraps
French Bread

You are now entering the 2ww...

Oh joy! the two week wait!
Now that our home is sick-free, we were ready to jump back on that pogo stick (so to speak of course). I actually ovulated late this month. I haven't been temp-ing, but i have been using OPKs. I started testing at CD9, then CD11, and then everyday after that. Unfortunately, I didn't get a positive read until CD16! So who flippin knows what will happen with AF this month (if anything--fingers crossed). While I'm not trying to over analyze this time around, I will keep a written journal so I can go back and see what my early pregnancy symptoms might have been. :) Also, we have been really busy with the house, and harvesting our veggies from the garden. Our county fair is going on this weekend so it will definitely keep us busy as well. Hopefully time will go by fast and I will soon know!

Today is CD 18, possible 2 DPO. Many baby blessing to you all!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TTC update

Here's my quick update on our ttc journey.

Cycle day 11. Cycles trying: 3

I can't wait to see what happens this month! We have so many things going on in our lives that being pregnant would only add more happiness and joy to our lives!

Ive gotten to work in the infant room a few time in the last few weeks. We have some very tiny little ones in there, and it makes my heart melt! I cant wait to hold my own child and rock him/her to sleep :)

My friend is on her way over to give me a massage. She does in-home massages and is AMAZING!

I have some crazy work news, but that will have to wait until my next post. Lots of changes at work as well.

I hope you all are doing well and I send you buckets of baby dust!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Groceries, dying, new house? wait...what?

Today I picked up my groceries for the next week of meals and then some. I paid $170 total, and got everything I needed. :)

Yesterday we found out that my mother-in-law's mom died in her sleep at the age of 93. She was a sweet but tough lady from what I managed to get from the 2 years of knowing her. What a way to go though! I hope it was so blissful, and the angels came and guided her to heaven! Scott's family deals with death a little differently than mine, and they are pretty nonchalant about it. My family on the other hand goes through all the tears, memories, laughs, etc. We are a little more...emotional about these things.

So...because of the recent death, Scott's parents want us to buy the farm that grandma and grandpa live/lived on (I'm not sure where grandpa is going yet...) So if we buy this farm, we would have to move there obviously...which was our ultimate goal but we honestly didn't think it was going to happen so fast. We are not even finished with our downstairs unit where we planned on moving into in the next month and renting out the upper unit. Yes, we would obviously just rent the lower unit as well, but I guess I was really looking forward to living downstairs. I've been planning and picturing it for so long. All our hard work has gone into this place, and I truly cannot picture myself never living in it. We've been on our own as a married couple since feb this year, and we are finally getting to where we planned on being in the first place. I guess I was just looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my house a bit before we worried about moving to the farm.

But, I guess that's how these things work. I mean in my mind, we really didn't have enough room in the lower unit (or the upper for that matter) for a baby room and our hobby room (or infinity room as Scott calls it--since there is an infinity of possibilities of what the room could hold...jajaja). I need a set space where I can make my soap and natural products instead of cartin' it all to the kitchen to spend a week making things and then moving it all back to try to find space for the soap to cure. All I really really need is lots of shelves, a microwave, an outlet, and a work bench. Clearly that wasn't happening in a two bedroom lower in a duplex. I know I planned the rooms in this house, and I knew how small I was making everything, but my family center has always been the kitchen/dining room. So I made it bigger, the rooms smaller, and it is what it is... Anyways, that's neither here nor there...

I would be thrilled to move to the farm since it was where we wanted to end up anyways. I cant wait to live in the country again!! Peace and quiet, starry nights, quiet, bonfires, privacy...did I mention quiet? This could ultimately be our "happy ending". Rental duplex in town with two renters, bringing in approximately $1,000/month. In a year my debt will be paid off and hopefully I will be pregnant or have given birth. I could stay home and make sell my soaps, and work on the farm. Sigh...I love the thought. But its just so abrupt.

more soon... :)
love and angel blessings!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

meal plan for 8/18-8/24

I'm planning ahead this week since I'm trying to hit all the sales at the grocery store. Here's next week's meal plan. I'm super stoked to try many new things!

Sloppy Joes (ground turkey), chips, raw veggies and hummus Made these with mashed potatoes instead of my GF bread, Delicious!!!

Baked Chicken & Spinach Flautas and Spanish Rice Added these to the next week's meal plan
omg, these look so freakin good!!
also salsa, sour cream, and beans.

Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Sausage, and "Hangover" Potatoes & OJ Added these to next week's meal plan
(the hangover potatoes are my specialty, definitely not healthy, but delicious...and great for hangovers)

Homemade Mac & Cheese, Broccoli, and Chicken The chicken was awesome! Marinated for two days in the fridge, in some herb and garlic marinade mix! YUM! the mac and cheese was decent considering i didnt use a recipe.

Tuna salad Sandwiches, Hummus & Veggies Made these into wraps instead. Delicious!!

Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes and Corn AMAZING!!! Soooo easy and delicious!!!

Only 3 Ingredients for the chops!

Here's my shopping list for this week:

ground turkey
baby carrots
buns for scott
chicken breast x2
corn tortillas
melting cheese
gluten free noodles
sharp cheddar cheese
turkey sausage
red potatoes
orange juice
thin cut pork chops
hidden valley ranch season mix
cream of chicken soup

I also need to get many other items for Scott's lunches and snacks as well as my lunches for work.
That's it for now!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

sickness is running rampet...

Sorry its been so long since my last update. Things have been kinda crazy around here.
First off, let me say that AF came yesterday. No huge surprise there. I went to the doctor on Monday after work. I had a terrible sore throat and clogged-feeling ears. Doc said sinusitis and gave me antibiotics. I'm feeling 1,000 times better now. But poor Scott is sick now. High fever, terrible headache, sore throat, and frequent urination. I am sitting here while we debated to go to the hospital since we couldn't get his fever down for 24+ hours. Finally some progress, but not below 100 degrees yet. I should be in bed, but I cant help stay up and watch him, nurse him, take care of him. Yet, I must go to sleep. So I just wanted to update you all and let you know how crazy things have been. I will end this on a good note though, I made 4 batches of soap yesterday. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on this blog or not, but I make my own handmade vegan soaps. I haven't made any since fall last year and it feels great to get back at it!

Blessings and Baby Dust!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back from the depths of sickness...

Ok, so it could have been much much worse. But, I was sick from tuesday night through sunday. I'm talking really sick. I wont get into the details, but it was rough. So luckily I'm back to solid foods, real tasty food! Anyways, right before I was sick, I started taking my OPKs, and I never really got a definite temp spike since I had a fever for 3 days. So I'm guessing I ovulated around CD16 or 17. And I was in no shape to do much of anything but sit on the couch and the toilet. :( So this month is a dud, but I am just glad I'm feeling better now. Today is CD20.

On to next month. :)

We inherited a 10 month old kitty last week monday. His name is Vlad. He's cute, but I'm not much for the hair. He's been naughty the last day or so, which is to be expected since he's still a kitten, but its annoying. lol Ive been a pet owner all my life, but Scott doesn't think animals belong in the house. So it's a bit hard for him to adjust.

Anyways, in other news, the fitness has definitely been put on hold since my illness, as well as the menu planning. Also, we have been hitting the house hard as of late, so it takes up much of my "fitness" time as well. But, I've been balancing on ladders, and painting my little heart out! lol.

Speaking of the house, I'm thinking/hoping it will be done in Aug. I don't see why it wont be. We are about half done with texturing, and then priming and painting is pretty easy. Then we have to do the flooring, and get the cabinets/countertops/appliances and trim all installed. Not to mention the lighting. So we are definitely close! I cant wait! I can almost taste it...wait, that's drywall dust...yep, I can definitely taste it. :)

Hope you all are doing well! Sticky Baby Dust!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pickles and Paint

Before I get into the pickles and paint, let me tell you my wednesday was crazy at work, and I was so glad to be in the car on the way home. Problem was, my brother's car took a crap again. Let me just say, he just bought this used car which is decent. But he's been having some issues with it. So here I am, so excited to have thursday off, couldnt wait to get home, and we lose power some how. :( Luckily we made it safely to someone's driveway and take a look. We ended up calling my stepdad to come with the trailer and get us. Well once we got the car loaded (backwards b/c of the way we were parked) we were finally on our way back. Well my brother looks out the window and sees smoke coming from the trailer tire. The car was too heavy in the back and the fender was wearing on the trailer tire! Thank god my stepdad is awesome (he's always prepared!) we took off the fenders and were finally on our way again. $250 later...

Thursday was fantastic! My friend Becca just graduated from massage therapy school, so I got an AMAZING full body massage! It was so great! I think my last massage was in 2007! Anyways, so then Billie and I made our way to Appleton to go shopping and get delicious sushi!! I also found a great book at half priced books called The Gluten Free Edge. It's a diet cook book. The reason I like it so much, is because it has all the nutritional information with each recipe! I love that!!

So onto today...
Today we went to Menards and bought 10 gallons drywall primer, 5 gallons white paint (for the ceilings), and 10 gallons paint (for walls). We also bought carpet, and vinyl flooring for the living room and bathroom. We are sanding/staining the kitchen, and two bedroom floors. After this is done, all that's left is the cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and lighting! Getting so very close! I can't wait to get some real color on those walls! I'm sick of living in white rooms! :) 
Today I also made Gnocci (Gluten free of course!) YUM! I made this before we went to menards actually. We ate it for lunch with red sauce and garlic bread (mine was gluten free).

Then I took a nap, and began making pickles. I made 7 quarts dill pickles, and 3 quarts bread and butter! Not bad for a day's work. 

I'm actually thinking about making gluten free brownies yet tonight. I've been having a chocolate sweet tooth lately. 

CD10 I took a OPK yesterday, the line was very faint, so I'll test again tomorrow.

I've been jammin out to Ingrid Mickelson Be OK today. I love her! 

Pickles and Baby Dust to you!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ohhh boyyy...

Well, the last 24 hours have been all started after work yesterday. Scott was about 20 mins away and got a flat tire (with the farm truck). Luckily, I had the spare key to his car, and I drove to the farm to get the spare tire, the jack and all that jazz. Then I drove in the other direction to where he was and waiting for him to change the flat. 
Then, this morning, I get a call from my brother saying he is sick and not going in to work (we carpool). Unfortunately Scott needed the car for the day, so I had to walk about 1/2 mile to my brother's house at 6am to drive his car. Ive never driven his car before, but he was nice enough to let me borrow it.

So I guess it wasn't all that crazy, but it was just eventful which is strange. Usually my days are pretty boring.

In other news, I found a job posting in for the school district in my town. I am interested in it, and am very very tempted to apply. It would be nice to do something else for a change, and in this town! We'll see...

Also, yesterday Billie and I were finalizing our plans for Thursday. I figured we'd leave here around 9 or 10am. But Billie suggested noon. I was slightly bummed b/c I took off an entire day of work for this; and at that rate, I could have taken only a half day. But I just figured I would sleep in and find something around the house to do. But something came up last night. My friend Becca just finished massage therapy school and needs to log hours...(you see where this is going). Well, she asked if I needed a massage (who asks such a thing!?) So 9am she is giving me the ol' rub down! I'm so excited! I love massages! I haven't had one professionally since 2006? Best part, Becca is picking me up on the way, so I don't even need to figure out the car thing! Wahoo!!

I really don't mind having one car between the two of us. Luckily our schedules usually work where we both don't need it at the same time. (for now at least.)


Monday, July 16, 2012


Cycle 2 of TTC. 
Cycle Day 5 
I remembered to temp this morning! Hurray! 

No news on the TTC front as of right now. I did, however, have this really weird moment today at work. It was a pretty stressful day to start off with. One person called in sick, another was going to be late, two extra children showed up that weren't on the schedule so I had to magically pull an extra teacher out of my butt (not a pretty thought, thank you very much) to cover the class with the extra children. So, on top of all that, I couldn't start making breakfast for the kids. My boss came in and was busy with her emails and I couldn't update her on all of this. For some reason, this made me break down and cry. How silly! So of course in the back of my mind, I'm thinking well...your period was a day shorter than usual... NO no no! I refuse to think that I am pregnant. Yes, it could happen. BUT...chances are slim. My period usually is like this 
Day1 spot
Day 2-4 medium to light
Day 5 spot

this time it was 
Day1 spot
Day 2 medium
Day 3 light
Day 4 spot
So not much of a difference. But any TTC-ers know that we definitely make mountains out of molehills. 
So that's all I have for now...I hope this post finds you all very well!
Baby Dust!

Meal Plan 7/15/12-7/21/12

This week I swapped my original chicken cesar salad for chicken stir fry from last week. So here we have this weeks plan. I will update it next week with what we actually ended up having.

Chicken stir fry (instead of chicken cesar salads)

Gluten free gnocci w/ red sauce and parmesan cheese & steamed broccoli **recipe to follow**

Pizzas (have to finish up my crust i made from last week)

Sloppy Joes

Pancakes and sausage (I LOVE breakfast for dinner!)

Grilled cheese w/ hummus and garden veggies

Meal Plan week of 7/8/12-7/14/12

So when I meal plan, I dont decided what day we are going to have such and such meal. I just decided what we have in the house, what I feel like making and I plan 6 dinners. From there, I make my grocery list, and get the required items. Then, depending on my mood, cravings, and the weather; I decided what we will have for the evening's dinner.  So when I say "Meal Plan" I am referring to the 6 dinners I have planned for for the week.

Here was last week: (7/8-7/14)
*meal planned in black, actual meal made is red

Chicken Stir Fry with jasmine rice (made monday 7/16 instead)
Hamburgers with sweet potato fries
Tuna salad sandwiches with chips
Grilled Cheese with Hummus and Veggies (grilled cheese and salads w/ garden veggies)
           We ended up having chicken caesar salads sunday instead of chicken stir fry.

Having this plan was really very nice! I knew what I was doing when I got home from work. I have been using up my veggies and fruits that may have gone bad if I had waited too long. So it was nice to know I wasn't wasting food, and I was giving Scott and myself a healthy fresh meal! :) Plus I've been using more protein! Wahoo!


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today was pretty successful! I woke up pretty early and ran to Walmart to get the last few things I needed to can pickles. Also a few things we needed for this weeks meal plan. I love that i am meal planning, Everything flows, and I really enjoy having something ready. Usually I figure I could cook something, but never really feel like it, and I usually end up making something weird. But now that I'm planning 6 out of 7 dinners for the week, I feel super accomplished and feel that I have provided for my husband. My "wifely duties" I suppose (not that he thinks that, I just enjoy doing these things). 
Anyways, so after Walmart I did the dishes, and got the water boiling in my canner. I sterilized my jars and lids. Scott and I went out to the garden to pick cucumbers. (Garden photos coming, I swear.) We picked two gallon buckets full, and I got to work cleaning and cutting them. We ended up with 5 quart jars of dill pickles! Wahoo!!! Scott also picked some beans and carrots that we cleaned and cut and got in the freezer for future meals. After I got everything cleaned up, I decided to make chicken caesar salad (hold the croutons). So I grilled up come chicken breast, and got a gigantic salad going. Delicious! (I also had enough left for two huge salads for work this week.) Once I finally sat down I realized it was only 12:30! Dang! I got so much done! 

Cycle Day 4. I actually haven't temped the last two days. Mostly out of sleeping in and having to pee so bad that I didn't have time to temp when I finally did wake up. Back to it tomorrow though.

So as far as the fitness goes. My phone is a POS. The new app I downloaded for my fitness/diet was taking up too much space and my phone freaked out. So I had to delete it. So I will need a new way to stay accountable. Yesterday was a street fair we have every year in our town. Scott and I walked it twice and then back home. So I will use that as my workout. 

I think I will post my menu plan for the week in the next post. :) 
Take care everyone!