Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy week 6

Oh man! I'm so tired these days! I'm actually 7weeks + 3 days right now, but for some reason I thought I wanted to wait until my first midwife appointment before doing my week 6 blog. Does make much sense to me...oh well. In week 6 my symptoms lessened! My nausea is only immediately when I get up in the morning, and when I eat too much. My breasts are less swollen, and are far less painful! Hurray!!

Week 6

Total weight gain: -3 from last week, so 1 lb below my starting weight.

Maternity Clothes: still my trusty bellaband.

Stretch marks: nope

Sleep: decent, still getting up to use the bathroom 1-2 times a night, vivid dreams are beginning.

Best moment this week: when my boobs stopped hurting so much

Miss anything: alcohol. I didnt drink much before, but it was halloween  weekend, and it's hard not to go out for drinks all decked out in costume.

Food cravings: beef jerky, crab rangoons, mexican, pb bananna and honey on toasted gf bagel.

Anything make you queasy: smells!!! My nose is still in hyperdrive!

Gender Prediction: boy

Wedding ring: On

Symptoms: Hypersensitive nose, peeing all the time, periodically moody, tired.

Mood: pretty good, exhausted most days since I've been working again. I can be periodically moody, and quick to change my demeanor.

Looking forward to: telling you about my first midwife visit!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meal Plan 10/22/12-10/29/12

Yes, I know, it's been awhile since I've done a meal plan on here. What can I say...things have been crazy! Plus I never really  know what I'll be hungry for now that I'm pregnant. I can start making something, and by the time I'm finished, I have absolutely no desire to eat it, smell it, or watch Scott eat it! Anyways, I have been writing them out in my little meal planning notebook and try to buy the groceries according to my plan.

Here's the next week:


Pretzels w/ peanut butter

Rice and beans with veggies
Chili & cornbread (this will make tons of leftovers)
Grilled Cheese and tomato soup (my all-time favorite soup!)
Sloppy Joes, veggie, chips
Baked Chicken, Mashed potatoes w/ gravy, veggie
left overs
left overs

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pregnancy Week 5

This week was definitely eventful! Sunday we met our doula, Rachel. She is fantastic! Even Scott likes her! As we finished our meeting and we were walking away, first thing from Scott's mouth was "I like her!" I was awestruck. He doesn't ever, ever say that! So that is simply amazing!!
Then on Monday, Billie and I went to Appleton to meet my midwife! There are 2 midwives and 1 advanced student midwife in this practice. Andi and Anja are the midwives, and the student midwife is Julie. We met with Andi, and she is fantastic!! I love her whole aura if you will, she is calm and extremely knowledgeable. Sigh...I love my birth team! :) 

Anyways, I also started my new job this week. I can't say I'm really excited to see what this place has to offer, but I am excited for the health insurance and benefits that come with the job! 

Week 5 has been pretty uneventful as far as symptoms are concerned.

How far along: 5 weeks

Total weight gain: 2lbs

Maternity Clothes: just a bellaband with my jeans.

Stretch marks: no new ones

Sleep: once i fall asleep, its pretty good, then my normal 2am bathroom break, and strange dreams until my 5am bathroom break. Nap if i can around 3pm.

Best moment this week: meeting my birth team!!

Miss anything? my boobs not hurting... 

Food Cravings: crab rangoons!

Anything make you queasy/sick? smells

Gender Prediction: boy

Symptoms: I feel pretty great this week, a little nausea, but it is minimal. My nose is in hyperdrive, and my boobs are flippin huge and sore!!

Wedding ring: On, but tight most days--bloat? 

Mood: Happy to sarcastic most days, so nothing out of the ordinary. A little irritable--shorter fuse maybe.

Looking forward to: My first prenatal visit with my midwife in two weeks hopefully, and having our house finished--if the electrician ever gets here...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pregnancy Week 4

Looking back on week 4...
This week felt pretty uneventful. My nausea subsided, and my boobs have grown (unfortunately) and are painful enough for me to wear a sports bra to bed--not an easy task for the 38DDD girls--, my mood was pretty good until later in the week where I became very irritable and cried over something I can't even remember. I still feel little twinges every now and again. My appetite seems to be either not hungry or ravenous. I am trying to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. We'll see what happens when I start my new job. (They are finalizing my offer with the VP on Monday, so then hopefully I will be employed again by the end of next week!)

Baby is the size of a poppy seed!

New this week:
I've started a 30 min prenatal yoga routine that I complete in the early morning before I start my day.

How far along: 4 weeks

Total weight gain: 2 pounds

Maternity clothes: not yet

Stretch marks: no new ones

Sleep: good! Only waking to pee once during the night, and once early morning.

Best moment this week: getting my jack skellington cloth diaper!! <3 Fluff Mail!

Miss anything? Coffee and diet pepsi

Movement: none yet

Food Cravings: mexican!

Anything make you queasy/sick: eggs, many smells, anything tight on my pelvic region.

Gender Prediction: Boy

Symptoms: tender/swollen breasts!! nausea, dizzy, tired midday, little stretchy pangs in my uterus.

Wedding ring: On

Mood: irritable and emotional, especially later in the week

Looking forward to: Meeting a doula and midwife next week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4+4, and my maternity clothing style

Today marks my 4weeks+4days pregnant. While this isn't a things to be jazzed about, I have a long haul ahead of me, and I'm excited and extremely grateful for every passing day! Anyways, my symptoms have gotten pretty light the past few days, and while I push any worrisome thoughts away, I focus on the fun things to come. Sunday I am meeting with a doula, and Monday I am visiting a midwife practice to interview and see the facilities. I am so jazzed! I have also been thinking about maternity clothing, which seems silly, I know. But when I start my new job, I will need black dress pants, and let me tell you, my last pair of black dress pants are at least a size too small from what I am currently, let alone pregnant. I know I wont get a noticeable bump for at least 16 weeks since I am overweight to begin with. My question is, do I buy dress pants in my current size or even a size up, and then eventually have to buy maternity pants anyways? The strongest argument is well, when you return to work you'll need them. Well, I do not plan on returning to work afterwards. I hopefully plan to start a small babysitting business by then so I can stay home with my little one. We'll see what life plans for our little family. :) Anyways, here are some fun maternity clothing options.*all photos/products found below are from www.oldnavy.com The outfit on the left hand side would be my work attire. Enjoy! ~Nikky

Friday, October 5, 2012

Blood Draw / Doc. Visit

Today was my first doctor visit to get my blood drawn to confirm my pregnancy. My appointment was at 8:30am. My bff Billie came with me since Scott was working. The appointment was nothing special, just a quick family history and she wrote up a blood draw for me. We also decided to test my thyroid.

The story behind my thyroid is my mom has Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. A type of thyroid disorder that is hereditary. Now, I've been tested 3 times for any abnormalities in my thyroid, but all tests have come back negative. Which is good and bad, the thing is, I have many many of the symptoms. Normally, the blood tests tend to come back negative until much later in life. My mom was diagnosed after age 40, and she showed symptoms in her early 20's. So you can see my concern. I have also tired to get referred to an endocrinologist despite my normal blood test, but to no avail.

So anyways, she called me with the results and of course I'm pregnant! Woot!!!! and my thyroid test came back normal. She recommended I talk with the doctor more about it at my 8 week appt. Speaking of, my next appointment will be Thursday, November 8, 2012! My first prenatal appointment! Yaaayyy!!!!

In other fun news, yesterday, Billie and I went to BabiesRus and just had fun getting lost in all the baby gear! I only bought a pack of super cute long sleeved onesies, and also some preggy pop drops for morning sickness--which has begun to rear its ugly head. I also signed up for the rewards card the store offers. It's so silly, but it feels like a badge of honor--like I have a reason to be here! Muhahah... :-P

Anywho, here are the onesies I picked up...

I love the woodland print, especially the owls! Good for a neutral start :)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pregnancy week 3

I cant believe I'm writing a pregnancy blog! I was a little weary of sharing this news, but I figured hell, this is why I was writing ttc blogs. It's all part of the journey...

So since before we even started ttc, I have been taking prenatal vitamins. These are the ones I've been taking, plus an extra folic acid. There is 800mcg in this prenatal, and the folic acid only adds to it. I will probably switch once these are gone. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

 Spring Valley - Prenatal, Multivitamin, Multimineral, 100 Tablets

 eventually i will do the whole questionnaire thing, but for now, this seems more viable.
tender and swollen breasts, slight nausea, tiredness.

First day of my last menstrual cycle: Wednesday, September 12, 2012.
Estimated arrival date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013

made my doctor appt to get blood work tomorrow.  

Thats all for now, I'll write something up about my dr. visit.

Baby Blessings!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CD25 / 10DPO

I wanted to quickly write an update. This cycle I only took OPK's to predict ovulation. I had my surge on cycle days 13-15. I am always unsure about my cycle since they are frequently changing due to my weight and thyroid. But as of this morning, I wont be having my cycle for the next year or so...

I got my BFP!!!! I am shaking in disbelief!! I am so scared to really believe it, incase it gets taken away from me some how. 

Here's how it went down:

6:30am got up to pee, dipped an early pregnancy test strip...waited, left the bathroom, laid back in bed for 5-10mins. Scott got up, started getting ready for work. I got up, he said "you preggers yet?" (being that i had already seen the beginning of the test, i assumed no, but i usually go back and check after a few mins.) I said, "I dont know, lets go see!" I looked at the test and it looked strange. Lots of dark pink all over, like it was a faulty test. But there was definitely a second line! I showed Scott, said "maybe". And gave him a kiss goodbye. I could hardly wait to take another, and did so right away. Luckily I had enough pee. lol. I dipped two more tests, one early pregnancy test strip and one first response. I waited a few mins, frantically walking around the house. Looked back and had two lines on the first response. And an extremely light (like my eyes were playing tricks on me) second line on the early pregnancy test strip!!! Of course I immediately dipped another first response and sure enough, 2 lines!!!

So as far as early symptoms go:

*Slight breast tenderness (since monday night) I normally don't get tenderness at all, so this was a symptom for me. Also, my breasts felt very swollen last night (tue).
*waves of nausea, again very slight, and I frequently get this so I didn't think too much of it.
*Tired. Not extreme in the least. But I did take a nap the other day, and that's not liked me.
*Implantation cramps? I had pretty bad back cramps last week thr/fri, 5 DPO-ish.  

As of today, and according to the first day of my last period, I am 3 weeks and 1 day today!

So I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I will fill you all in on my blood test, and my newest symptoms. :) 

Baby dust to you all!!