About Me

My name is Nikky. I am 27 years old. I previously worked as assistant director of a daycare, as well as lead preschool teacher. I gave it up to find a job with health insurance and to be closer to our home. Shortly after getting my new job, we found out we were expecting our first child! I love to garden, ready, and cook. I am very crafty and create many things. I enjoy walking, love hiking and swimming! But most of all enjoy spending time with my amazing husband! (Insert Awwww....)  

My husband, Scott, is 26 years old. He owns his own farm and also works at his parent's farm as well. We just recently finished renovating our home into a two-family unit and rent the upper floor out to a friend of ours.  Scott is extremely handy, has an insane sense of humor, and knows something about just about everything!


We met December 4th, 2009, chatted a bit and eventually found each other online. We continued getting to know each other, and our first date was December 26th. And the rest you could say, is history. We got engaged in October 2010. Scott carved over 100 pumpkins and took me out to the field they were lit up in to propose! A year later we were married. October 1, 2011 marks the best day of my life! It was a perfect outdoor wedding, the kind you dream up when you think of your ideal day. Our mini-honeymoon was 2 nights in Door County, Wi, which was also perfect! A year after our wedding, we celebrated our anniversary with a hiking trip and picnic. Two days after that, we found out we were expecting our first child! We are just hours/days away from meeting him as I write this, neither of us can wait!