Saturday, June 30, 2012

Plans for the future...

Good Afternoon! 
I just figured I would write up my tentative plan for my pregnancy/delivery/postpartum.

Pregnancy: I want to see a OB/G, as well as a midwife. Obviously be as healthy as possible. Maybe use the Brewer Pregnancy Diet Exercise, and work as up to a month before my due date.

Labor: I want to have my husband, doula Rachel, my midwife, and my best friend Billie there to help me. I want to be able to walk around and move my hips to help baby get into position.

Delivery: I want to birth at home in a birthing pool. Candles and music, lights low. I'm thinking about using hypnobirthing. I definitely feel labor and birth is rite of passage from maiden to mother. I'm thinking about mother directed pushing. No episiotomy. No cord cutting until it has stopped pulsating.

Postpartum: Cloth diapering of course! Breastfeeding! Baby Wearing! Co-sleeping! (I'm on the fence about vaccines currently-more research on my part must be done) Stay at Home Mom! Meal Planning! Make my own Baby Food! the list goes on and on :)

So that's my plan as of right now. I'm so very excited to get this underway!! The 2WW is already killing me! 

Welcome and Introductions

Hello there!
My name is Nikky Fischer, I am 26 years old and I currently work as a lead preschool teacher and assistant director of my daycare. My husband Scott is 25, and we have been married for 9 months. He owns his own farm, and is renovating our house into a two family. I am writing this blog as a way to document our journey in trying to conceive (TTC). I also would love to find a ttc community to help pass the time in the two week wait (2WW).
A little bit about myself:
I am 5'4", 240lbs. (definitely heavier than i would want to be ideally, but i love myself!) 
I love to garden, and conserve as much as possible. I am very crafty and create many things. I love love love to cook! I love the challenge of mixing flavors and textures. This challenge became even more difficult when i started eating gluten free 1.5 years ago. (more on that later) I enjoy walking, love hiking and swimming! But most of all enjoy spending time with my amazing husband! (Insert Awwww....) 

This is TTC cycle 1. 
I am currently DPO 4, on CD 18. here is my chart on fertility friend 
I am exhausted today. I went to bed early enough.(Not my normal time, but still before 11) so i know i shouldn't be tired from lack of sleep. i even slept in later, and took a quick snooze around noon today. i just cant shake it. I don't know if its allergies, or b/c i mowed my brother's lawn yesterday and my body is sore. I just don't know. i guess time will tell, but of course i am over analyzing everything! 

Ive been following a few YT mommies and their ttc, pregnancy, mommy vlogs. I will add their pages below so you can find them as well.

Here is my journey thus far: 
A few months ago, I began getting baby fever. My husband and I have been married for 9 months as of tomorrow. :) I began searching for midwives/doulas/birth centers/etc so i could be more informed when the time came. I came across a doula in my area named rachel. we corresponded through emails and she recommended a doctor that supports natural childbirth, a few midwives,  and a few other resources. One of those resources was the documentary "The Business of Being Born" and I youtubed it to see if i could find any clips. Well low and behold, I came across the full documentary! I watched it twice in the same day! And 3 more times since then. Well thanks to the magic of YT, it suggested other videos that were similar, and i began watching other homebirth videos. Including Lucy and Joel Eades of xxxjoelpolexxx. And my obsession began. From their videos, i found other YT mommies and all of their stories. i fell in love with home birth. I knew for a long time that i wanted to cloth diaper my children and following these lovely ladies and only cemented my decision. I have always wanted to breastfeed, and baby wear so i felt so much at home with their stories. Now, if only i had a decent working camera to make some TTC videos!

Anyways, so far, I have made a few purchases and also sewn a few things as well. Our local JoAnn's was having a huge moving sale so i found some PUL and other materials for great deals. I made my first cloth pocket diaper! It turned out cute! Also, i made a taggy soft block, and a cute little owl toy. I also made some inserts out of old towels. I bought a 3 pack of white Carter's onesies and 2 fancy pants one size pocket diapers.

Some of my Favorite YouTube Mommies:






I will keep this updated as I wait wait wait....I will post websites, fun ideas, baby buys, and all things natural! W00T! 

Baby dust to you all!