Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pregnancy Week 32

This week I'm just going to jump right in.

How far: 32 Weeks

Weight gain: 30 for the pregnancy, since my last appointment

Stretch marks: of course

Maternity clothes: oh yeah! I just bought a sleep/sports nursing bra from motherhood maternity since I had store credit. here's a picture.
Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra
Sleep: Decent, I really dont wake up to pee like I expected. Sometimes I will but it will be around 5am.

Best moment this week: Definitely my midwife appointment and stroller shopping. :)

Miss anything? coffee, deli meat, a beer while grilling out!

Cravings: nothing overwhelming

Anything make you queasy or sick? No

Gender: Boy

Belly button: In

Wedding Rings: On

Movements: yep! Getting bigger and higher up in my ribcage

Symptoms: Back pain--especially during work, harder to breath, tired, exhausted, round ligament pain, a bit of acne.

Mood: Good, tired--but good

Looking forward to: My baby shower on May 5th! :) hurray!!! and setting up Liam's room.

I have been busy working on shower things. I know I shouldn't be the one doing it, but it doesn't seem like it will get done otherwise. I printed little monster clip art on paper napkin rings, gift bingo cards, and a few other things. My best friend is coming over tomorrow to help assemble things. I am also using some teal/aqua, lime green, and yellow paper lanterns of various sizes as hanging decorations. I had saved them from my bridal shower a few years ago. I bought teal/aqua dinner plates, lime green dessert plates, orange cups, yellow silverware, red napkins, and brown table cloths. I'm bringing my baby book along for Billie to fill out as I am opening gifts. I think that is about it for now. I thought about getting Liam a piggy bank of some sort, and having people who wanted to participate enter a $1 guess the birth date and time pool. Winner gets a target gift card for half of what was collected. Thought it would be a neat way to start off his piggy bank. Anyways, I guess that's all for now. I'm sure everything will turn out fantastically. It has finally started to warm up here in WI, and everyone's mood is definitely reflecting it! :)



  1. Ah!! 32 weeks!! Baby Liam will be here in less then 2 months, that is so exciting. I hope u have a great time at your baby shower. My favorite part of my whole pregnancy was getting Masons room ready to go, I hope u enjoy setting up Liam's room too :)

    1. I am definitely getting super excited to get his room together! We have a lot of work to do, and it actually gives me the motivation I didnt have last week. :)