Wednesday, June 12, 2013

39 weeks + 4 days Pregnant Midwife Update

Midwife update:

Had my 39 week appointment today, here's the stats:

weight up 2 from last week--seriously!?! come on! total for pregnancy 43lbs

Blood Pressure: 124/68

Pulse: 70

Fundal Height: 43cm

Fetal Heart Rate: 130bpm

Fetal Position: LOA

Estimated Fetal Weight: 9lbs!! Holy Schnikies!

I also must mention that Monday, I had a bout of diarrhea and then was crampy all day. I really thought that was was labor time...but alas, no contractions. I still have crampy-ness throughout the day here and there, but its not like it was on Monday. Either way, I know labor is coming. My doula thinks it will be Monday. Something about first time mommas having diarrhea one week from labor. Fingers crossed!!

PS, my last day of work is tomorrow! Hurray!!! 

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