Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pregnancy Week 32

This week I'm just going to jump right in.

How far: 32 Weeks

Weight gain: 30 for the pregnancy, since my last appointment

Stretch marks: of course

Maternity clothes: oh yeah! I just bought a sleep/sports nursing bra from motherhood maternity since I had store credit. here's a picture.
Sports Clip Down Nursing Bra
Sleep: Decent, I really dont wake up to pee like I expected. Sometimes I will but it will be around 5am.

Best moment this week: Definitely my midwife appointment and stroller shopping. :)

Miss anything? coffee, deli meat, a beer while grilling out!

Cravings: nothing overwhelming

Anything make you queasy or sick? No

Gender: Boy

Belly button: In

Wedding Rings: On

Movements: yep! Getting bigger and higher up in my ribcage

Symptoms: Back pain--especially during work, harder to breath, tired, exhausted, round ligament pain, a bit of acne.

Mood: Good, tired--but good

Looking forward to: My baby shower on May 5th! :) hurray!!! and setting up Liam's room.

I have been busy working on shower things. I know I shouldn't be the one doing it, but it doesn't seem like it will get done otherwise. I printed little monster clip art on paper napkin rings, gift bingo cards, and a few other things. My best friend is coming over tomorrow to help assemble things. I am also using some teal/aqua, lime green, and yellow paper lanterns of various sizes as hanging decorations. I had saved them from my bridal shower a few years ago. I bought teal/aqua dinner plates, lime green dessert plates, orange cups, yellow silverware, red napkins, and brown table cloths. I'm bringing my baby book along for Billie to fill out as I am opening gifts. I think that is about it for now. I thought about getting Liam a piggy bank of some sort, and having people who wanted to participate enter a $1 guess the birth date and time pool. Winner gets a target gift card for half of what was collected. Thought it would be a neat way to start off his piggy bank. Anyways, I guess that's all for now. I'm sure everything will turn out fantastically. It has finally started to warm up here in WI, and everyone's mood is definitely reflecting it! :)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 30 & 31

I know I'm the biggest slacker of all time! I really do have the time to write my blog, but everyday after work, I really have no ambition to do so. It is really hard to look back and remember what happened these two weeks that would be worth sharing, so I may just ramble about the cool new things we bought/received along with a few symptoms. :) I had my 32 week appointment on Monday. Everything is perfect! We also bought our travel system with a 15% coupon from babies r us. We weren't originally going to get a travel system because I didnt want to have to buy another car seat in a few months. But, Scott's parents wanted to purchase it for us, so we eventually found one that we liked. I have mixed feelings about infant seats instead of convertible seats. I understand the convenience of being able to take the seat in and out of the car--especially without waking the baby. But I hate how so many people leave their child in them to hang out, even if they are awake! Flat heads people!!! You are going to give your child a flat head! Anyways, there is also the cost factor, why buy two when one will do? Well, eventually we went with it, I decided that just because many people keep their babies in them, doesnt mean we will, and we will eventually have to buy two seats when we have a second child (no plans yet, dont worry lol).  So we bought there Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System in the color Everglade. I really wanted a 3 wheeled stroller for easier maneuverability, and I love the bike tired for a smoother ride. The reviews are pretty split, but the biggest complaint is  that the front wheel wobbles when mom/dad is jogging. Let's just say, I dont jog...haha, my asthma is so terrible, I can do like a minute run before stopping. But even still, you can lock the wheel and many other people had no trouble with it then. If I ever become a serious jogger, then Ill invest in a BOB or something. Besides that, I love the color, there is also a mp3 connect in the parent tray. Not that that was a deciding factor for me, but it is kinda cool.

We also received our changing pad, cover, and liners in the mail from a family friend that cant make the shower. It was so fun to pull it out and see/feel it! Everything is starting to come together and it feels so nice! Even the carseat sitting on the kitchen floor is so cute! I just think...Dang! Our little baby will be in that soon!! Holy Crap!! haha. We also received our booster/high chair. Here's a picture.
Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster
 Its a little smaller in person that I initially thought, but it will do, and if we decide otherwise, this one can go by grandmas :) Super nice though, is there is a cover, and then a divided tray, and then a full tray underneath. It even folds up and can be taken on the go.

How far: 30 and 31 weeks

Weight gain: as of my 32 week appt on monday, only 2.5lbs gained! Wahoo! Thank God its not another 11 pounds!! That brings my total weight gain to 30 lbs.

** I also measured at 39 weeks for my fundal height, which is definitely good since last month I jumped from 26 to 36! Yikes!! So clearly that was just a big growth spurt and she felt baby, and said he felt averaged sized for his age. :) Yay!

Stretch marks: yes

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I think I mentioned in my last post the cute shirt I got, and the support belt I took back--but they would only give me store credit--which sucks! I really didnt plan on buying anything else for maternity clothes! oh well...

Sleep: I have definitely been learning and getting used to getting more broken sleep and less of it.

Best moment this week: getting some gifts in the mail and buying our travel system! Finding out Liam is not gigantic in there! Pheww!

Miss anything? coffee! and stomach sleeping

Cravings: not a whole lot, salty/snacky foods

Anything make you queasy or sick: not really

Gender: boy! :)

Belly Button: In, but more shallow than ever. I doubt it will pop though.

Wedding rings: on

Movements: Yes yes yes!!

Symptoms: backaches, tired, lack of motivation, round ligament pain

Mood: good

Looking forward to: My shower!! less than two weeks away!

I hope you all are well! And again, I'm so sorry I'm such a slacker lately! I'm off to try to make some curtains for Liam's room. Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pregnancy Week 29

I know I'm so far behind this week. Truth is, I feel like poo. Especially last night and today. :( Sunday was fun, Billie and I went to Appleton and she tried on wedding dresses!! She looked so beautiful! I will definitely cry at her wedding!! We also stopped at Motherhood Maternity, and I found a purple shirt for either maternity photos or my shower. Also I did find a maternity support belt to help with my SPD. Problem is, I ended up buying the wrong one, so the one I have is too small. Boo!! Here is a picture of the top I found, I have it in a deep purple color. And I found it on clearance! :)

 Onto week 29

How far: 29 Weeks

Weight gain: see last week's blog...

Stretch marks: yes

Maternity clothes: absolutely

Sleep: a solid chunk from 11-2, and then really light sleep until i have to get up.

Best moment this week: spending time with Billie. And Scott having a sweet moment with Liam. :) Makes me warm and fuzzy!

Miss anything: stretching without cramping legs or pulling uterus muscles

Cravings: chips/crunchy things, MELON!

Anything make you queasy/sick: nothing really

Gender: Boy

Belly Button: In

Wedding rings: on

Movements: YES! Everywhere!!

Symptoms: Backache, pubic pain, tired, lack of motivation, overwhelmed with what we need to get done yet.

Mood: good, tired

Looking forward to: my shower! Just 4 weeks away! Getting Liam's room cleaned out, and getting everything organized. I feel like I need a long weekend to do this.

I also received my birth pool and birth kit in the mail, I'm not sure I mentioned it yet, but it was so fun to open it all up and look at everything. I have also been packing my home birth box full of all sorts of things we will need for labor and delivery. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pregnancy Week 28

We had our 28 week appointment on wednesday. It all went pretty well. Scott came with, and we had a pretty fun day. Liam's heartrate was 135bpm, and he was head down still (yay!). I did discuss with my midwife if I should do the gestational diabetes test. We decided that since I was borderline hypoglycemic in the past that we would go ahead and draw some blood. Then I got up on the scale and I had gained 11 pounds!!! WTH!?! where did that come from!? I didnt realize it was so much until I got home and looked at my chart online. Ok, then my midwife measured my fundal height, and I measured at 37 weeks!!! ok, I have no waist at all, and it can be common for short waisted women to measure a few weeks ahead, but 9weeks!?! My midwife admitted that she was glad we were testing for GD now. Everything else looked wonderful, my blood pressure was perfect, and we made our next appointment for 4 weeks. I got the results back from the blood test the following friday. Normal range is between 4% and 6%. My blood tested at 5%. So I am smack dab in the middle of the normal range! (Yay!) But I am still concerned about measuring so far ahead. It has really got me thinking if I was off with my dates way back when. I happened to be looking at my old blogs and realized that the one craving that has stayed with me this entire pregnancy has been orange juice. This may be a coincidence, but in my August 28th blog I mentioned that I have been craving OJ like crazy! I know if I was pregnant then I most likely wouldnt have cravings. But it was just weird. Anyways, now that makes me nervous. What if I am 4 weeks further along?! I never did a dating ultrasound so I really have no way of knowing. I'm fine with not knowing IF I know I could still deliver at home if I went in to labor 4 weeks early as well. Does that make sense? If my new due date would be May 16th (ish), and I went into labor then, I would be considered preterm labor according to my current due date of June 16th. How would we know that I would really be 40 weeks? The chances are lower that I would go before my due date so maybe (if my dd was may 16th) I would go until 41 or 42 weeks. Then I would deliver around June 1--in which case I would think I was two weeks early (if my dd was really june 16th) haha...sorry if that was really confusing! Just my crazy thoughts right now. Gosh I couldnt imagine really being 32 weeks right now! Crazy!! anywho...

How far: 28 weeks??

Weight gain: up 11 lbs (I blame the doctor's scale?) +27lbs for the pregnancy

Stretch marks: yes

Maternity Clothes: of course, pretty much everything

Sleep: About the same as last week.

Best moment this week: Spending time with Scott at our appointment and just enjoying the day with him. Oh I also finally got my hair cut! Just a few inches off, but it feels so nice to be able to leave it down and not feel like my split ends are going everywhere!!

Miss anything: not really

Anything make you queasy/sick? not really

Gender: Baby Boy!

Belly button: In

Wedding rings: I did wear it one day, but usually I choose not to wear it.

Movements: oh yes! much much more pronounced. I can tell he is starting to run out of room.

Symptoms: back aches! (my chiro is this coming wednesday, hopefully it will help), my pubic pain is still there, swollen feet/ankles at times, tired, lack of motivation--from being exhausted from work.

Mood: good, tired and lack of motivation, but good overall.

Looking forward to: shower planning, getting my new glasses, cleaning out the baby's room and starting on that project.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! We had a great time at Scott's parent's house for lunch, and then visited with my stepdad's side in the early afternoon.