Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monster Nursery Ideas

It's been awhile since I've posted a graphic collage of ideas so I figured I'd go with some fun monster ideas :) Enjoy!

1. Monster Mobile. While I love this one and many others I see online, I've opted to craft my own. I spent $6 (vs 40+ on one someone else made) on colored felt and I know I bought waaaayy to much, that way I can match colors for other projects.
2. Good Morning. I think this sign is way cute! The colors would go nicely in the room as well.
3. Monster Onesie. This is just freakin adorable!! I am thinking about making some of these as well.
4. ABCs. This is super fun! I have some blank canvas' left over that I may paint for Liam.
5. Monster Lamp. The colors are almost dead-on from what we painted the room. (although he will be sleeping in our room for awhile) This lamp is super cute and I love that the monsters are smiling!
6. This picture is to show you the monster fabric that I used for Liam's blanket I made the other day. I love love love this fabric and I even went back and bought the last yard they had for other fun projects. This listing is for burp cloths.
7. Blocks. These are really fun, and something to decorate with as well as can be a toy at some point.
8. Clothing organizers. I thought these were really neat. I love things being organized and these are just super fun!
9. Felt Monsters. How fun are these!? I'm thinking the leftover felt from the mobile will be put to good use here!

So there you have it. I love the "theme" we picked for Liam's nursery! Let me know what you think :)


  1. Cute! doing the nursery is the funest part of the pregnancy :)

    1. I love that I can make many of these things. It feels more personal and meaningful that I did it for him. Plus I can personalize it to the colors that I like :)