Monday, October 14, 2013

My wedding day in pictures...

Being that its fall, and just over 2 years from our actual wedding date...I figured Id finally post some photos from my wedding. Our colors were chocolate brown and ivory. Each couple that stood up had an assigned fall accent color. The boutonnieres and the fabric flowers were hand made by me, my bff and my mom. Besides an exchanging of rings, we also did a celtic cord tying ceremony. The table decorations were tons of candles in jars or all sizes, as well as tin can candle holders. Some of the jars had a filler which was cocoa mulch--smells like chocolate. ;)  The fall leaves all over the tables were silk leaves from hobby lobby (90% off) from the year prior. Simple fabric squares in different fall-ish fabrics mismatched under maple leaf chargers (also the year prior's clearance at walmart) Little pumpkins and gourds (homegrown) on the tables as well. I really wanted a glowy mismatched homey feel, as if just sitting down to a dinner at home. We had cornstalks by the entrance, and bushel baskets filled with harvesty things. At each place setting was a little brown box with my homemade soap. They had a fall scent and a maple leaf stamped into the top. Right before the grand march, we offered a caramel bar with all sorts of caramel dippin goodies! Also fresh apple cider pressed from my stepdad's apples :) Best day ever!! <3

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